Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks to the National Guard Association of the United States in Baltimore on Monday. (Jim Loscalzo/European Pressphoto Agency)

Donald Trump’s outreach is a dud. Hillary “Clinton is far ahead among Latino voters in Arizona, Colorado, Florida and Nevada, with her biggest lead at 50 percentage points in Arizona and smallest in Florida, where she’s ahead by 24 points, according to a new poll for Univision News by Bendixen & Amandi and the Tarrance Group.”

Actually it was a total flop, even a boon to Clinton. “A new poll from the Washington Post and ABC News shows Donald Trump’s immigration proposals are hugely unpopular with the American people — so much so that Trump actually appears to be increasing sympathy for immigrants and depressing support for his harsh enforcement techniques.”

His boasts about his generosity have blown up in his face as we learn more about his foundation. “Don’t fall for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s smirking dismissal of his illegal campaign contribution to a political action committee supporting Florida’s attorney general. His campaign calls it a ‘clerical error,’ but it was an illegal contribution, and he knows it.”

Once again Kellyanne Conway bombs when she tries to explain Trump’s chicanery. “‘This is badgering’: Trump campaign manager comes unglued when CNN asks for proof of charity claims.”

Moderators’ attempt to eschew fact-checking falls flat. Jon Ralston: “The notion that the moderator should allow falsities or mischaracterizations to go unchallenged means that he or she is superfluous and Pat Sajak may as well read the questions over a loudspeaker. That’s not what journalism is. Or at least it shouldn’t be. That’s not what moderating means. Or at least it shouldn’t be.”

Trump’s foreign policy misses the mark. Former CIA director Michael Hayden: “There are strange echoes between president Obama’s campaign in 2008 and Mr. Donald Trump’s campaign now with regard to, I will talk to anybody, and with regard to American retrenchment, and there are echoes between the two campaign and specifically with regard to what Mr. Pence said, Gov. Pence said, Donald Trump has yet to express a condition which he would impose on Vladimir Putin for which he demands Putin’s actions before he gets a better relationship with the United States. If he says nice about me, I will say nice about him, and that’s not a winning hand.”

Trump’s “free” childcare backfires. Actual conservatives hate it: “How will they pay for it? They’ll pay for it by taking money away from the unemployed and give it to new mothers. Not only does this open the GOP up to a new class warfare line of attack, but it establishes precedent within the GOP that government imposed maternity leave is a good thing. It further sets precedent in the GOP that its leaders support ‘free’ everything. It is worth noting that the policy proposal comes from Ivanka Trump, who is a friend of Chelsea Clinton and a major donor to the Democratic Party as is her husband.”