We noted Tuesday that Donald Trump eats poorly, does not exercise and is badly overweight. Today we learned more about what now appears to be a very unhealthy lifestyle for a 70-year-old.

Depending on what news report you choose, Trump is either nearly obese (236 pounds) or quite obese (267 pounds), meaning a body-mass index of more than 30. Trump, just like he did on taxes, promised to reveal his health records and now has reneged. The Post reports:

Donald Trump discussed his personal health during a taping of “The Dr. Oz Show” on Wednesday morning and shared some of the results of his most recent physical examination, according to the show, not long after top campaign aides told reporters that he would not release any records on set and planned to talk about general wellness, not his personal health history.

Trump admits he doesn’t even play as much golf (his only real exercise) as he likes but considers campaigning to be exercise. (Umm, no.) He defends his fast food diet because you know what’s in it. (Umm, no.) David Plouffe has a point when he argues, “Here’s Trump — you know, ‘Dr. Feel Good’ [Dr. Harry Bornstein] put out a one-page letter. He’s 70. He’s the heaviest president we’ve had, candidate we’ve had, since William Taft. There’s a legitimate issue.”

It sure it. A paper put out by the National Institutes of Health explains:

Obesity is a significant risk factor for and contributor to increased morbidity and mortality, most importantly from cardiovascular disease (CVD) and diabetes, but also from cancer and chronic diseases, including osteoarthritis, liver and kidney disease, sleep apnea, and depression. The prevalence of obesity has increased steadily over the past 5 decades, and obesity may have a significant impact on quality-adjusted life years. Obesity is also strongly associated with an increased risk of all-cause mortality as well as cardiovascular and cancer mortality.

Considering Trump’s age, his weight becomes a significant risk factor. A Georgetown University report on obesity among older Americans includes this startling warning:

Rates of chronic conditions are higher among obese adults than among their non-obese counterparts, but the differences between groups are particularly great for adults ages 51 to 69. Obesity can also affect the severity of chronic conditions. For example, obese older people with arthritis are more likely to say the condition limits their activities than non-obese adults age 51 and older.
Obesity, like smoking, heavy drinking, and poverty is a known health risk factor. Of the four risk factors, obesity is the most serious problem. It affects more people and is more strongly linked to very high rates of chronic illness than the other three risk factors. In terms of chronic conditions, the effects of obesity are similar to the effects of 20 years of aging.

Twenty years?! Are we to elect a person who health-wise is effectively a 90-year-old?

It is ironic that Trumpkins have made such a to-do about Hillary Clinton’s health. He’s got a real issue that isn’t going to be cured by a couple days of bed rest. Nevertheless, he won’t provide documentation for voters to assess his health and how that might impact his presidency. No presidential candidate of a major party in modern times has gotten away with stiffing voters and concealing personal information.

The media, once again, seems to miss the forest for the trees in this campaign. Entirely legitimate questions get raised about a candidate who has never held public office. He has a demonstrated pattern of blatant lying. And he refuses to come clean by providing verifiable information about his finances and health. Why isn’t that the story day in and out? Trump plainly has a lot to hide, and neither the media nor the voters should let him get away with it.