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Donald Trump Jr. speaks at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July. (J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press)

Jewish Democrats slammed father and son. “Donald Trump Jr.’s reference to gas chambers is outrageous. With its allusions to the Holocaust, remarks such as these have no place in a presidential campaign. Yet, it is not surprising that the Republican nominee’s son would use such language, given the pattern of frequent dog-whistling to anti-Semites and that both Trump the elder and Trump the younger previously have retweeted postings from known anti-Semites. Both father and son should apologize immediately for this completely inappropriate and offensive reference.”

And naturally, the Clinton campaign hammered Donald Trump as well. “From imposing a Star of David over a sea of dollar bills in a widely shared graphic, retweeting anti-Semitic white supremacists, to remarks he’s made using anti-Semitic stereotypes — the Trump campaign has shown us exactly the type of campaign they are running time and time again, and this campaign will continue to hold them accountable.”

The mogul’s kids are getting battered these days. “Donald Trump Jr.’s interview with a Pennsylvania TV station ended abruptly after a reporter asked the Republican presidential candidate’s eldest son about Washington Post reports that Trump used foundation funds to pay for a portrait of himself at an auction.”

While Clinton gets dinged for “deplorables,” many are pointing to inconvenient facts: “What predicts support of Mr. Trump, even more than being a Republican, is belief that President Obama is a Muslim. Voters who scored highest on the Rand Corporation’s Presidential Election Panel Survey’s measure of ‘Racial Resentment’ were 44 percent more likely to support Mr. Trump than any of his GOP rivals.”

Trump has clobbered “globalism.” The argument requires a response: “The advocates of internationalism face an urgent task: to explain why liberal order matters and why the advocates for restraint are wrong. The United States should sustain its leading role in world affairs, including its global alliance network and far-flung military deployments, for the foreseeable future—not because the U.S. is in imminent danger of invasion or to check an aspiring Eurasian hegemon, but to invest in culture of liberal order in the world’s key regions. The advocates of restraint have an impoverished view of what constitutes world order and why it matters; consequently, they have an overly narrow view threats to American interests.” Read the whole thing.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) bashed Trump on his tax returns. “Now Donald Trump makes a big show of strutting around pretending to be tough, but he’s too chicken to show his tax returns to the American people.” Trying to get his goat, eh? Not hard.

This is the stuff Republicans get bashed for. “Trump would roll back food safety regulations.” For a guy who eats as much fast food as he does, he might reconsider.