President Trump speaks during an interview in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington on May 1. (Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg)
Opinion writer

President Trump is already in deep trouble with the American people, on the eve of former FBI director James B. Comey’s testimony. The Quinnipiac University poll tells us:

President Donald Trump did something illegal in his relationship with Russia, 31 percent of American voters say, while another 29 percent say he did something unethical, but not illegal, according to a Quinnipiac University national poll released today. The president did nothing wrong, 32 percent of voters say.

President Trump’s campaign advisors did something illegal in dealing with Russia, 40 percent of voters say, as 25 percent say they did something unethical but not illegal and 24 percent say they did nothing wrong.

The president’s job approval rating dips to a new low, a negative 34 – 57 percent, compared to a negative 37 – 55 percent in a May 24 survey.

Intensity is also a problem for Trump. Only 25 percent strongly approve of what he is doing; 51 percent strongly disapprove. That imbalance is reflected in his GOP numbers. The strongly approve number is down to 63 percent with 17 percent approving only somewhat. If Republicans drift away, his numbers will crash, given the high level of  disapproval among independents (50 percent) and Democrats (94 percent).

That’s not all. Asked if he is too friendly with Russia, 54 percent of American voters agree, 3 percent say he is too unfriendly and 38 percent say he is neither. Even worse, 68 percent are very or somewhat concerned about his relationship with Russia. His inquisitor, by contrast, gets really high marks: “Voters approve 73 – 15 percent of the appointment of Robert Mueller as a special counsel to investigate possible links or coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia.” Trump had better hope this doesn’t boil down to a credibility contest, because 59 percent do not consider him honest. Remarkably, even before Comey speaks, 55 percent of voters think Trump is abusing the powers of the office, including 51 percent of independents. (We’ll see after Comey testifies if that number goes up.) Most frightening, 68 percent of voters say that Trump is not level-headed, “his worst grade on that quality.” It is rather jaw-dropping that so many voters think the commander in chief is unsteady.

Trump isn’t going to get away with claiming the Russian interference with our election is no big deal. Some 66 percent of voters say it is very or somewhat important. Interestingly, about a third of Republicans do too.

Finally, climate change denial is about as unpopular as Trump is: “American voters disapprove 62 – 32 percent of Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Accord. Republicans are the only listed group to approve, 72 – 20 percent. A total of 76 percent of voters are ‘very concerned’ or ‘somewhat concerned’ about climate change and 65 percent say the U.S. needs to do more to address climate change.”

Trump has a very small margin for error from here on out, and more displays like his recent Twitter meltdown (picking a fight with the mayor of London and arguing about his “travel ban”) may push voters over the edge. At some point Republicans may figure out: Hey, we don’t need this guy. We can get President Pence! If they wait until after the 2018 election, however, it may be too late.