President Trump speaks during a meeting with Republican senators at the White House on Thursday. (Alex Wong/Pool via Bloomberg)
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Buyer’s remorse from #NeverTrumpers?! No way. “Like any other president, Trump will do a few good things that are worth applauding, and I will continue to point those out when appropriate. But more than any previous president — even Warren Harding and Richard Nixon — he is a moral abomination who disgraces his office on a daily basis and embarrasses the country he purports to lead. Sorry, Trumpites, the rule of law, the standards of presidential behavior, and the norms of civilized society are too precious to sacrifice for the sake of a few — very few! — policy achievements. They are worth far more than $1.5 trillion.” Trump’s enablers are the ones disgraced.

Trump might regret saying that he had “no deals” involving Russia. “The Trump Organization has turned over documents related to President Trump’s real estate business to investigators probing Russian interference in the 2016 election, according to a new report. Three sources tell CNN that the organization turned over information on meetings, conversations and events related to Trump’s business between June 2015 and Trump’s inauguration in January 2017.”

Sorry to inform them that we don’t allow suppression of books in this country. “A lawyer for President Donald Trump  on Thursday demanded the author and publisher of a new book featuring scathing criticism of the White House halt its publication and apologize to the president.”

Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) makes no apologies for defending democratic values. “Our enduring belief in democratic values compels all of us to stand up — not as Democrats or Republicans but as Americans — and support citizens around the world courageously protesting the regimes that oppress them.  We stand with those who speak out — and even risk their own lives — to make their voices heard in the struggle against oppression, inequality, and injustice.”

No misgivings from these retirees. “People retire every cycle. But this year’s group is a bumper crop of members wondering whether Congress is broken forever—even as they insist they love their own jobs. The ferocity of the Gingrich Revolution, President Bill Clinton’s impeachment—even the Tea Party shutdown wars of 2011 and 2013 seem like the good old days to them now.”

A lot of people will have qualms about this. “Republican David Yancey was declared the winner of a Virginia state House of Delegates race so close that its outcome was determined by pulling the candidate’s name out of a bowl.” A recount is likely.

Maybe we shouldn’t anguish over the cost of health care. “The nation’s overall cancer death rate declined 1.7 percent in 2015, the latest indication of steady, long-term progress against the disease, according to a new report by the American Cancer Society. Over nearly a quarter-century, the mortality rate has fallen 26 percent, resulting in almost 2.4 million fewer deaths than if peak rates had continued.” Wow.