Republicans insist on making “dreamers,” whom 80 to 90 percent of voters support, a top issue. “[Sen. Charles E.] Schumer put a stake in the ground, elevated an issue (DACA) that is a priority for his party and its voters, and withdrew to fight another day — possibly in less than three weeks. Now, he and his party are in a better position to fight [Senate Majority Leader Mitch] McConnell, House Republicans or the president if and when Congress fails to protect the Dreamers, young people brought illegally to the United States as children, who are protected by DACA.”

I don’t see how these people can insist they’re competent. “Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) warned Wednesday that Congress will need at least one additional continuing resolution, arguing Democrats are holding disaster aid and budget negotiations ‘hostage’ over immigration.” Do your work on time. Work five-day weeks.

The president insisted on hiring the super-rich, but that doesn’t make them good as their jobs. “The U.S. dollar hit another three-year low against a basket of leading global currencies, a continuing rout that accelerated Wednesday after U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said a weaker dollar was good for trade. . . . The comments represent a different tone than previous administrations.”

The Republicans insist on backing a misogynist so this should be no surprise. “Women — across virtually every age, education and racial range — have moved against him in major numbers. . . . What these numbers suggest is that Trump’s problem with female voters during the 2016 campaign has gotten considerably worse since he has been in office. And that is a huge issue that Trump must find a way to resolve — or, at least, mitigate — if he wants to have any chance of winning a second term in 2020.”

Trump’s lawyer should stop insisting this is wrapping up anytime soon. “It’s possible that [Robert S.] Mueller is taking things at a considerably faster clip than any of the earlier investigations. More likely, however, the recent news developments about his case are just more incremental information. Those hoping for a quick and decisive end to the probe—whether they are [Ty] Cobb or Trump critics hoping for a coup de grace—would still be wisest to temper their expectations.”

Voters will have to insist on sane, serious representatives in the midterms. “Chuck Todd: GOP Has ‘Gone Off the Rails’ By Supporting Trump’s FBI ‘Conspiracy Theories.'” This is just embarrassing.

Yet the administration will insist everyone is on the same page. “The White House sent out a message aimed at mollifying Turkey’s president on Tuesday, suggesting that the United States was easing off its support for the Syrian Kurds. That message was quickly contradicted by the Pentagon, which said it would continue to stand by the Kurds, even as Turkey invaded their stronghold in northwestern Syria.” Oy.