Copies of the president’s budget for the 2019 fiscal year on Capitol Hill on Monday. (Susan Walsh/AP)

Uh-oh. “Economists broadly agree that increasing the budget deficit at this late stage in an economic recovery, with unemployment at just 4.1%, is terrible fiscal policy. We are already seeing potential signs of rising inflation, particularly as evidenced in the recent report showing wage increases for workers accelerating.”

Ouch. “Fox Business Network host Stuart Varney took a shot at Republicans Monday morning, for their abandonment of ‘financial restraints’ — asking ‘what on earth’ is going on with the party.” When President Trump loses Fox. . . .

Yowser. I guess they don’t pay for themselves. “A big result of President Donald Trump’s tax cuts is a predictable one: Less revenue for the federal government. Last year, the president’s budget projected the U.S. would collect $45.8 trillion from 2018 through 2027. At the time, administration officials were either saying that the tax plan would pay for itself or that faster economic growth would pay for it. . . . The president’s plan would widen the federal budget deficit to $984 billion in the next fiscal year, which begins Sept. 30. One big difference from last year’s budget proposal is that Mr. Trump has given up for now on balancing the budget over the next decade, following enactment of a major tax cut and two-year budget deal that analysts estimate will push the deficit above $1 trillion next year.”

Oof. “The focus on disorder has overshadowed the more salient feature of the moment: Insofar as the administration is engulfed in chaos, it is a result of its inability to tell the truth. The Trump team doesn’t have a chaos problem so much as it has a dishonesty problem. Of course this is not new, either — in fact, the serial dissembling of the White House has become so banal that it goes almost unremarked in this case — yet it is on particularly dramatic display here.” Trump does run the place, you know.

Yikes. The Department of Justice gave the White House data about terrorists’ national origin; the White House used it to falsify its anti-immigrant claim. “When asked to produce national-origin data about those on the list, the FBI generated the data manually but specifically warned that their quick and dirty effort ‘likely contains gaps or error.’ . . . . The White House took all this material and crafted out of it a statement, given by the President personally in a joint session, in which the word ‘international’ was removed, thus rendering the entire statement false by wrongly including within the statement all the domestic terrorism cases [the National Security Division] had specifically noted were not included,’ in which none of NSD’s caveats appear.”

Huh. “President Donald Trump’s new budget projects that special counsel [Robert S. Mueller III’s] office will still be in business in fiscal year 2019 — even though White House officials have repeatedly said they expect the probe to wrap up soon.”

Gulp. “Sea level rise is happening now, and the rate at which it is rising is increasing every year, according to a study released Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. . . . The team observed a total rise in the ocean of 7 centimeters (2.8 inches) in 25 years of data, which aligns with the generally accepted current rate of sea level rise of about 3 millimeters (0.1 inches) per year.”