Trader Frederick Reimer on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange on Feb. 6. (Richard Drew/AP)
Opinion writer

A cynical voter with a future as a pundit. “He’s pulling out jazz hands and shiny stuff up front and will screw us on the back end.”

A grim future for the GOP. “When asked which candidate they were more likely to vote for if the presidential election were held today, 44 percent of registered voters said an unnamed Democratic candidate, while 36 percent said [President] Trump.” An unnamed Republican does even worse.

In the future, we should elect rational presidents. “For President Donald Trump, this could be an opportunity to lead a coalition against China’s predatory trade behavior. Instead, he is threatening trade war with the countries that would make up such a coalition, over commodities that are much less vital to the U.S.’s economy and national security than the sectors threatened by China’s expropriation of intellectual property.”

The future of the administration will be worse than the past. “A big question now is: Who will be next? [Gary] Cohn had assembled a team of policy aides who helped craft the White House infrastructure plan and tax framework. With Cohn leaving, will they stay? History would indicate that when someone at Cohn’s level leaves, others follow.” And the dregs will be left.

For future reference, the trade deficit is worse under Trump than it was under President Barack Obama (not that this measurement is indicative of anything): “The U.S. trade deficit, which President Donald Trump has repeatedly vowed to reduce or eliminate, rose 5 percent in January to hit $56.6 billion, its highest monthly level since October 2008, when George W. Bush was president, Commerce Department data released today showed.” For the informed, remember we have all-time low unemployment with a high trade deficit; let’s hope we don’t have the reverse.

Investors’ expectations about future growth will dim, for one thing. “Here’s What Losing ‘Security Blanket’ Cohn Means for U.S. Stocks.”

Trump’s legal future got murkier thanks to Stormy Daniels’s lawsuit. “First, this is Daniels alleging that Trump was personally involved — something the White House and [Trump’s personal lawyer Michael] Cohen have declined to confirm or deny. . . . And second, she alleges that the effort was geared toward aiding Trump’s election. That may seem like a given, because it happened just before Election Day, but as The Washington Post’s Philip Bump has reported, the payment is more legally problematic if it was clearly for this purpose.”