Not the best way to hide money, apparently. “Prosecutors argued Tuesday that former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort opened more than 30 overseas bank accounts to try and hide his earnings from lobbying work in Ukraine.”

The best reason to pay attention to the trial. “The trial of Paul Manafort is not merely an episode in a larger scandal that will unfold over many chapters. It is a warning not to be ignored. It’s an occasion for the United States to awaken from its collective slumber about the creeping dangers of kleptocracy.” And one party has paved the way for the foreign and domestic kleptocrats.

Among the best reasons to get all relevant documents — to test his present credibility. “Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has privately told senators he views the appointment of a special counsel by the Justice Department as appropriate, a comment that could shed new light about his views of Robert Mueller’s investigation into Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, according to sources familiar with the meetings.”

The best reason not to put him on TV: “[Rudolph W.] Giuliani essentially conceded that he was saying things not necessarily because they were correct but because he was being strategic.”

Giuliani sure isn’t the best lawyer. “Rudy Giuliani can’t seem to get the law right. The president’s lawyer suggested Monday on CNN and Fox News that Donald Trump didn’t commit a crime even if he colluded with Russians during the 2016 campaign by encouraging them to hack Hillary Clinton’s email server. . . . That’s just wrong. Although there is no formal charge known as ‘collusion,’ federal criminal law covers anyone who ‘aids, abets, counsels, commands, induces or procures’ a felony.” Remember, the really good lawyers wouldn’t work for Trump.

Bill Kristol has the best take on the Facebook announcement. “[T]he main source of fake news, of bad information, in this last 18 months has not been Russia and it hasn’t been Facebook, it’s been the President of the United States.”

The best takedown of protectionism in the fewest words possible: “You might be a protectionist if you cluelessly think that an infinite supply of free goods from foreigners would impoverish rather than enrich us. Likewise, you misguidedly think that the free sunlight that floods our homes, buildings, fields, and country daily impoverishes us.”