You are the owner of a 7-Eleven and you put a bag of cash on the roof of your car, you forget that you put it there, and then you drive away.


I think we have all left things on the hoods of our cars, no? I once left a milkshake on my roof, then drove away. Splat. These are silly, harmless brain pauses — except when the item forgotten on the roof is not a Slurpee but a bag filled with thousands of dollars.

“It’s a big loss for me,” Roy Weeirsinghe told the Capital Gazette. “Everybody makes mistakes — it can happen to anybody.”

The bag of cash slipped away in Glen Burnie last week. ABC 2 reports that Weeirsinghe rushed back a few minutes later:

The cash had already flown off, spilling along the highway and by the time he doubled back, cars had parked on both sides of the road and people scrambled to scoop it up.

“I asked people, ‘What are you looking for?’ and they said, ‘A pile of money flew out of the car.’”

Weeirsinghe begged people to turn the cash in, the TV station says:

“I hope that in your good heart, you will return the money and give it to us because I have two children and a wife and we work hard every single day... sometimes seven days a week to make a living and if I don’t get this money back, I’m going to have a hard time.”

And now we come to the part of the story that will make you smile: People have actually returned the money — not all of it, but a lot, according to the Gazette:

While he said a “considerable portion” of the money had been returned to the Maryland State Police Barrack in Glen Burnie, and others either returned cash or left it at drop boxes at his Ritchie Highway store over the weekend, Weeirsinghe is still searching for the remainder of the money.

State police said on Wednesday that one person had turned in $2,700 to the barrack.

Do you have the rest of the cash? If so, give it back. You know you’ve done dumb things in your life. Possibly even today. Do the right thing. Let’s give this story a perfect ending.