Here is today’s make-you-feel-better-about-the-world story.

It’s about Lauren Hontz. Lauren is 9. In July, her family’s home in Hanover burned down. They lost just about everything — except, especially for Lauren, a spirit of goodness.

Lauren started Lauren’s Luggage, a charity that would have come in handy for her family after the fire. Her charity’s mission statement: “Lauren’s Luggage provides a blanket for each child and the basic necessities for a family after a fire or other disaster.”

Hair ties. Socks. Book bags. Toys Toothpaste. Dog treats. Nightlights.

“It would have helped a lot to just have something to start off with,” Lauren said in the video report above from the Capital News Service. “The beginning of normal.”

“As a nine-year-old she is dealing with her loss, we as her parents are thrilled to see that Lauren has chosen to make something positive come from her loss,” her parents Jennifer and T.J. wrote. “So, enjoy your luggage, know it was packed from the heart and from a little girl who truly does understand what you are going through.”