Rosenwald, Md., is a place --- a place that connects the stories of Maryland residents to news that shapes their lives. It is a place for learning, sharing, laughing, informing, and most of all it is place to be delighted at the wonder of our shared community.

Maryland is a state with beaches, mountains, farms, tall buildings, a diverse population, heat, cold, inner cities, suburbs, stubborn problems, intractable debates, and everything in between. Rosenwald, Md., is a place for all of that, of moments big and small, of people famous and infamous and, more often than not, not so famous at all. Stay a while. And let’s start the stories now. What’s your favorite only-in-Maryland story? Comment below.

A rare calm moment for Andy The Barking Schnoodle.

Michael Rosenwald is a staff writer at the Washington Post. He lives in Germantown, Md., with his wife (a native Marylander), two young children, and Andy The Barking Schnoodle (a native of Virginia). Rosenwald moved to the D.C. area in 2004 after four years as a reporter at the Boston Globe. Before that, he worked in Pittsburgh, where he earned a master’s degree in English from the University of Pittsburgh. At the Post, besides blogging, Rosenwald reports on the intersection of culture, business, technology and daily life for the Local section’s Enterprise team.