( (Reuters) )

The Wireless Company Everyone Seems to Gripe About says it has very good, five-bar type news for Marylanders: It has spent more than $625 million to improve its service in the state.

After the jump are some stats the company is bragging about.

* “During 2011, AT&T made more than 1,350 wireless network upgrades in four key categories in Maryland.”

These include:

* “Activating more than 15 new cell sites or towers to improve network coverage.”

* “Deploying faster fiber-optic connections to more than 750 cell sites. Combined with HSPA+ technology, these deployments enable 4G speeds.”

* “Adding capacity or an extra layer of frequency to cell sites – like adding lanes to a highway – with the addition of nearly more than 575 of these layers, or “carriers.”

Marylanders, I have a simple question for you: If you have AT&T service, have you noticed any changes for the better? Give us some geographical information to go along with your observations — where you use your phone most, what places have gotten (or worse).