My colleague Martin Weil reported this morning that a restaurant diner in Southern Maryland was attacked last week by a rabid skunk. Many details were still uknown, including the place of the attack and the circumstances of the bite.

(Jeff J Mitchell/GETTY IMAGES)

I have the following the updates, courtesy of the Southern Maryland Newspapers:

Location of attack: Cheeseburger in Paradise, in California.

Location of the bite: Foot.

Condition or name of victim: Unknown. Standard treatment includes several injections. Rabies is no laughing matter: It can be deadly. (For more information about rabies and treatment for it, click here.)

What happened next: Restaurant staff put a box over the skunk.

What staff did next: Waited for animal control officer to retrieve it with a “catch pole.”

What happened outside near the parking lot: Authorities shot the skunk with a .22 caliber rifle.