Well, that didn’t take long.

Former Maryland governor Robert Ehrlich, author? (Bill O'Leary/WASHINGTON POST)

Is the stated author of the book actually the author of the book?

I know that sounds confusing, but around these parts — the Beltway — political books aren’t exactly always written by the politicians themselves. Ghostwriting political books is a lucrative, if low-profile trade.

So, Ehrlich’s answer: “Yes. Yes.” He wrote it. All by himself.

“It doesn’t say with or in conjunction,” Ehrlich told Lazarick. In fact, the former governor said that pols who don’t write their own books is “one of my pet peeves.”

Good to know.

“A lot of people have this view of you as the jock governor,” Lazarick said.

Ehrlich: “Yeah.”

“This is a relatively intellectual book...”Lazarick says.

Ehrlich’s retort: According to his wife, he is actually a “jock nerd.”

Splendid phraseology, sir.

On the Hill Media has posted the short interview to its YouTube page, and you can watch below.