Maryland district court judges make about $127,000 a year. The chief judge on the Court of Appeals: $180,000.

Do they need a raise?

Court of Appeals Judge Clayton Greene Jr. thinks so, and according to, he delivered that message in testimony Tuesday to the House Appropriations Committee in Annapolis.

“It’s not fair, nor it is a way to run a judiciary,” Greene said, according to the report. “I’m suggesting we pay them a more reasonable salary.”

State judges haven’t received a raise since 2006. Judge Greene argued that, when adjusted for cost of living, our judges’ pay ranks 43rd in the country. Brain power, he said, is being lured away by higher salaries in the private sector.

Judge Greene supports a resolution that would increase salaries by as much as 23 percent by 2016. Such an effort will cost taxpayers $14 million, according to this analysis. As you have no doubt read, the state is rather strapped for cash.

“More and more judges will leave the bench unless they are assured their pay will not be stagnant if they stay on,” Greene told the committee.

I’m pretty sure my salary won’t be going up 23 percent during the next few years. What do you think? Raise or no raise for Maryland judges?