So our governor has signed into a law a piece of legislation for our digital age: It bans employers from asking employees or potential employees for their passwords to social networking sites.

I have been asked some strange questions by my boss — “Do you want to write a story about your life as a slob?” — but I cannot think of a single request as bizarre as asking for a Facebook password.

Which brings me to this: Since this blog is about Maryland, and this law pertains to Maryland workers and employers, I’d like to know if you have ever been asked for your social networking passwords. (As a corollary, we can narrow this down even further: Has your boss ever asked for your ATM pin?)

I realize this case involves a former corrections officer who was asked for his Facebook password, but I’m having trouble believing there are scores of people who have been asked a similar question. If I’m wrong, fine — it will be interesting to hear of other such circumstances and whether there is a pattern to the types of employers who ask.

So let us know your experience being asked a similar question — if you have been asked — in the comments section below. If this hasn’t happened to you, perhaps you’d like to entertain or horrify us with an anecdote about the strangest question a potential employer has posed during a job interview.