Last month, I told you that Bolt died. He was a Doberman pinscher, and he hadn’t even turned 1 before dying in a fire in a Frederick home.

This is Bolt. He died in a fire last month. (The Frederick News-Post)

Stone is out of the hospital, and he talked recently about his recovery and the day his dog died with Cara Anthony, a terrific reporter at the Frederick News-Post.

She wrote:

Nearly two months ago, the sound of a whimpering puppy drove Calvin “Skip” Stone into a Frederick house that was engulfed in flames.

Now, Stone, 37, is a recovering burn victim who is grieving the loss of a family pet.

“I could hear the dog upstairs crying and whining,” Stone said during a recent interview with The Frederick News-Post.

Anthony asked Stone if he had any regrets about trying to save his dog. Stone did not, despite all of this:

Stone broke his left leg after the failed rescue attempt, and about 20 percent of his body was burned, including his face, ears, hand, back and arms.

“It’s been frustrating, but I am healing faster than they expected,” Stone said.

Stone has since moved in with his parents in Knoxville, where the family buried Bolt in the backyard after the blaze destroyed the house. He was still in the hospital when his father created a makeshift grave for Bolt.

Stone Jr., with his son Joey (The Frederick News-Post)

Meanwhile, Stone is deflecting the label of hero, Anthony writes:

He has become a hometown hero in the eyes of animal lovers, but Stone said the real hero is his son, Joey.

Joey dragged Stone away from the home as the blast of flames blew him away from the front door.

“My son is the real hero,” Stone said.