Ocean City has done it. Rockville, too. And Howard County. I’m talking about banning or restricting smoking in public parks. Now the city of Frederick is moving toward a similar smoking ban. “It’s a big wave; it’s coming,” said Roelkey Myers, the city’s deputy director of parks and recreation.

Should smoking be banned in public parks? (TRACY A. WOODWARD/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Frederick resident Vicki Brust’s opinion on the matter is not difficult to discern. The ban, she says, doesn’t go far enough.

In a letter to the Frederick News Post, she writes: “Many dog walkers do not pick up their messes. I suspect that those who do not probably aren’t very good about vetting their animals. That feces is a danger to the health and well-being of my dog should we come across such a mess. Let’s ban dogs from city parks, too.”

Also: “I don’t eat a lot of meat and often wonder how a vegetarian feels watching someone eat part of a dead cow or chicken. Let’s ban all meat from city parks.”

And: “I and many other people have seasonal allergies. Let’s ban flowers and grass from city parks. I also have asthma. Please, please ban perfume from city parks.”

She concludes: “Ban everything from city parks. We can all just drive by and admire the dirt.”

Do you agree with her?