Marylanders, please wish Helen Wheat a very happy birthday. She just turned 110.

Helen Wheat just celebrated her 110th birthday. (Travis Pratt/Frederick News-Post)

A few facts about the birthday lady:

● She drinks four ounces of red wine a day.

● Her offspring totals are remarkable. Children: 3. Grandchildren: 9. Great-grandchildren: 21. Great-great-grandchildren: 5.

● Theodore Roosevelt was president when she was born in 1902. He died in 1919.

●Also born in 1902: John Steinbeck. He died in 1968.

● “She enjoys playing board games,” the paper reported, “and still defeats her descendants.” (Note to self: Don’t challenge her in a game of checkers.)

● Helen’s advice after 110 years on Earth: “Go to church and try to be honest in everything you do,” she said. “Help others and believe in the Lord and pray.”

Happy birthday, Helen. Many, many more.