Tuned into the Republican debate tonight to find that it drove my dog Andy insane.

Fox’s bell is essentially the same bell as my doorbell — and the rest of America’s.

Twitter is filling up with tweets about dogs similarly losing their minds. A simple search for the words “dog bell” turns up dozens, if not hundreds, of tweets.

Tweet: “Every time the bell rings in the Repub debate, our dog starts barking. No, Lola, Mitt Romney is not at the front door.”

Tweet: “My dog asleep, keeps kicking me when Ron Paul talks. Motionless when the bell rings. I knew he was different.”

Tweet: “Everyone in my feed has a dog freaking out over the warning bell.”

Tweet: “Every time they ping that little ‘time's up!’ bell, my dog thinks someone is at the door and barks. He's dumb.”

Even CNN editor Mark Preston had problems, tweeting: “Guinness — my dog — growls everytime the debate bell sounds. I bet she would eat the dog food.”

Did your dog bark at the debate?