Earlier this month, my colleague John Wagner wrote, “If it’s Sunday, it’s a reasonable bet as of late that Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) will be facing off against a well-known Republican on national television.”

Governor Martin O' Malley speaks on "Face the Nation.(CBS News via Getty Images)

CBS “Face the Nation” host Bob Schieffer: “Coming up with people who can speak in an informed and authoritative way isn’t easy, and O’Malley is one of the few who can.” Also: “He can tell us what the Obama campaign is up to with straight answers to our questions. And beyond that, he’s just very, very good on television — he’s a performer who knows how to get his points across. All the shows have figured out how good he is now.”

CNN “State of the Union” host Candy Crowley: “First of all, he runs the Democratic Governors Association, so it gives him heft. Second of all, he is regularly in touch with the Obama people, so that gives him credence. But also important ... he’s a showman. He gets what his role is. He gets what my role is. And he’s game. So far as I can tell, he tells the truth and is very good at nuancing things, so that he doesn’t reflect badly on the president even when he disagrees with him. He knows how to walk that line. He gives you enough so that you’ve got something. But he doesn’t give so much that he’s then seen by the Obama people as, ‘OK, we don’t want this guy on again.’”

Perhaps our governor’s only negative review came from Republican New Jersey governor Chris Christie, who has appeared on “Face the Nation” with O’Malley.

“I’ll tell you the truth: He’s not that smart. He’s not that good,” the governor told NorthJersey.com. “But he’s flippant, so I give him credit for that.”

Here’s a clip of O’Malley talking to Schieffer. Have you seen our governor on TV? Review him below.