Dog poop is problematic.

What I mean is, if there is a dog in a neighborhood and that dog is walked and that owner does not pick up the poop, that is problematic. I’d actually wager my editor’s lunch money that most mean words between neighbors concern dog poop.

In my experience walking Andy the Barking Schnoodle, the problematic dog poop is usually solved, after the mean words, with an apology from the walker and a promise to do better. However, the other day in Waldorf, the problematic poop was apparently solved with a gun. reports: “A 73-year-old Waldorf man has been ordered held in lieu of $25,000 bond on charging papers that he threatened his neighbor with a gun Sunday afternoon after the neighbor’s dog defecated in his yard.”

The unidentified dog has allegedly been pooping in William Edward Smith Jr.’s yard for six or seven months. Smith allegedly pulled the gun on his neighbor after his neighbor had already begun cleaning up the latest poop with a broom and dustpan.

“The neighbor said that as he knelt in Smith’s yard, cleaning up the feces, Smith walked back outside, yelling and cursing loudly, the documents state,” according to the report. “Smith then pulled a handgun and, pointing it at the neighbor’s stomach, threatened to shoot the dog if it came in his yard again, according to court papers.”

The neighbor took off and called police.

Smith’s charges: several, including assault and use of a firearm in commission of a violent crime.

Over dog poop.

How do you handle these situations in your neighborhood?