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There is a market for everything, and apparently there is a market for stolen hair weaves.

American Public Media’s Marketplace reported on hair weave thieves this summer. “They don’t want the cash or extra conditioner. They come for the hair,” host Kai Ryssdal said. The New York Times has weighed in, too.

Now we have victims in our region.

NBC 4 reports that Jerry Terry and Jerome Reid, the owners of Her Imports in Greenbelt, had $23,000 in hair extensions ripped off last week. Police are investigating.

“The theft comes at an especially bad time during the holiday season,” NBC 4 says. “They now have a sign on the door of their business informing would-be customers they’re out of hair.”

Her Imports, which sells its products to area salons, is actually a repeat stolen hair victim. The report says the business has suffered four thefts in the last six months. During a previous theft in September, the hair stealers used pepper spray, according to published reports.

“I’m turning people away — literally, like dozens a day,” Terry told NBC 4. “It’s just frustrating, because it doesn’t put us out of business, but it slows us down.”

You can watch NBC 4’s report above.