So there is really only one way to break the following news, and that’s to do it quickly, to get it over with, so perhaps we can spend time finding a solution: Maryland is running out of Maryland turkeys.

Area farmers, riding a wave of interest in locally grown food, report demand for local turkeys this holiday season is overwhelming supply.

Sycamore Spring Farm in Frederick has just one turkey left. One!

“I’m finding more and more people calling every year wanting local turkeys, and it’s not just about supporting local farmers -- it’s about knowing how it was raised,” Sycamore Spring Farm owner Carol Rollman told the Frederick News-Post. “It’s becoming more about food safety and being health-conscious.”

Cathy Horst, who co-owns Jehovah-Jireh farm in Dickerson, told the News-Post, “We sold out two months ago and will slaughter them the week of Thanksgiving -- that’s fresh.”

Gotta love that Cathy. She certainly is an honest turkey talker.

If you’re interested in trying to procure a local turkey, the state has a Web site you should check out: Maryland’s Best. There are also recipes and guides to what’s in season locally.

And if you have any tips on finding a local turkey for Thanksgiving, please comment below. (The Post’s food section staff suggests these options.) Or just describe your favorite way to cook the bird. Talk turkey.