Scene from Takoma Park’s Fourth of July parade: An unidentified teenager with fake bleached-blond hair reenacts an incident from Mitt Romney's prep school days, when the presidential candidate reportedly cut the hair of a classmate with bleached-blond hair. He is chased from behind by another teen with fake scissors. (David Montgomery/The Washington Post)

Oh, Takoma Park: Subtle will just never do. Your ultra-liberal residents aren’t just against nuclear war; the town is a nuclear-free zone. Your residents don’t just love the sound of their voices reciting poetry; the town actually has a poet laureate. And not surprisingly, your town probably put on the most anti-Mitt Romney display of any Fourth of July parade in the country.

My colleague David Montgomery, a terrific Style section reporter, lives around the corner from the parade route and he sent me the following dispatch about what he saw yesterday. He was also kind enough — and quick enough — to snap the above and below photos.

Some folks might have been puzzled by the teenager in the bleach-blond wig being chased by another teen wielding giant cardboard scissors during the Takoma Park Fourth of July Parade on Wednesday morning — but not readers of The Washington Post. They would have recognized this as a spoofy reference to a recent story by Post reporter Jason Horowitz that described how Romney, while a student in prep school, led a group of classmates to forcibly cut the hair of a boy who had let his bleached locks grow a little long for conservative tastes.

The two teens executed their mock chase for much of the parade route, which was a couple miles at least. They were part of a larger group of neighbors identifying themselves as the Sherman Avenue Tea Party Patriots, named for a street in Takoma Park. The display of more than a dozen marchers also included people carrying signs spelling “ROMNEY” that morphed into “R MONEY,” as well as a guy dressed as Newt Gingrich. There was also a car that had a stuffed dog leaning out the window and a person in a cage on the roof — a reference to a story about Romney putting the family hound in a rooftop luggage carrier.

Politically pointed routines are common in Takoma Park’s annual parade. The 9/11 Truthers were out in force, as were activists for gay marriage and supporters of the Maryland DREAM Act for undocumented immigrant students. However, as would befit the excruciatingly liberal enclave, there were no spoofs of President Obama.

(David Montgomery/The Washington Post)