In this image released by FOX, John Walsh, host of "America's Most Wanted," is shown. (Associated Press)

“It’s Natalee Holloway deja vu,” Walsh told me, in between filming the premiere episode of his show, which airs Friday. “In my personal opinion, nobody in the world knows what happened to this woman except this guy.”

This guy — Giordano, a Gaithersburg businessman — had been locked up in Aruba since August while authorities there tried to build a case against him in Gardner’s disappearance. Giordano, who took out a $1.5 million travel insurance policy on his companion before the trip, says she went missing while they were snorkeling.

The authorities don’t believe him. A judge released him yesterday, and he’s apparently headed back to the United States.

“This is another not so stellar job for the Aruban police,” Walsh said, referencing the handling of Holloway’s apparent death, allegedly at the hands of Joran van der Sloot. “It’s pretty sickening. It’s sickening for the families. It’s sickening for everyone. It’s a travesty of justice and heartbreaking.”

Though Giordano could still be extradited to Aruba if authorities turn up more evidence against him, Walsh thinks it will be very difficult now to prosecute him.

“They need to get in­cred­ibly lucky now,” Walsh said. “This is just another travesty of justice in Aruba.”