The Believers Club is a group of children ages 9 to 11 who believe, according to their blog, in cryptids, paranormal activity and alien life forms. Fairly standard in that age group, I think.

But the Believers Club really believes — no pretending! — and they recently launched their first investigation into something mysterious.

They trudged out to Governors Bridge in Davidsonville, where people have apparently been seeing, according to Eric Campbell’s account on the blog, “a black car following them but you can only see it in the mirror, people hear a crying baby, and see a face in the water and a women nicknamed Black Aggy or a baby on the bridge and a goatman in the woods by it.”

Sounds spooky. (Actually, haunted Governors Bridge stories have been around awhile.)

Team 1 went with Eric under the bridge to investigate. “And there we found a very unexpected surprise,” Campbell wrote. “We found a body!”

Holy Batman!

“Someone get me a stick, I want to poke it,” Eric said, according to a terrific account in the Capital.

Civilians nearby called some professional investigators — the Prince George’s County Police — who determined that the “body” was a scarecrow.

“We left in a hurry,” Eric noted.

But don’t confuse their hasty drawdown with fright.

“Well even if the investigation yielded no evidence that doesn’t mean there is nothing there in the water, in the woods or even on the roads that does not mean Governors Bridge isn’t haunted!” Eric wrote. “Our evidence was contaminated because of all of the people there fishing and investigating the body.”

And everyone knows there is nothing worse than a contaminated paranormal crime scene.

“We will probably go back again!”