Vice President Biden makes Katie Ledecky smile at the White House. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

The 15-year-old swimmer got an earful from Vice President Biden (see above) and a shout-out from President Obama. He or his writers apparently read yours truly, because he referenced my reporting on Katie finishing her summer reading while on the road this summer.

(She preferred “Pride and Prejudice” over “Lord of the Flies.” You can read my profile of her here.)

Without further adieu, the president’s comments:

Katie Ledecky may have been swimming in London, but she still had to finish the summer reading assignments for her high school English class. (Laughter.) Where’s Katie? Yes, there she is. (Applause.) She brought some of her classmates here today. (Applause.)

Seems like a fun day. Congrats, again, Katie.