So apparently a drone has collided violently with Maryland soil: “A 44-foot U.S. Navy surveillance drone crashed Monday afternoon in a marshy area near Bloodsworth Island on Maryland’s Eastern Shore,” my colleague Ashley Halsey III reports.

“No one was hurt except the Navy’s pride,” according to Wired’s Danger Room blog.

The crashed drone weighs more than 10 tons. It’s wingspan is 116 feet. The drone is typically used on surveillance missions, according to various reports.

Why was a drone flying over our state?

“Naval officials said the drone was on a test flight, but they could not immediately say whether drones are routinely tested over the Chesapeake Bay or Eastern Shore,” Halsey wrote. The crash occurred roughly 20 miles from the Naval Air Station at Patuxent River.

The Associated Press notes that the “southern Maryland station at the mouth of the Patuxent River, 65 miles southeast of Washington, is home to the Navy’s test pilot school, drone operations and principal research center for aircraft and support systems.”

I’ll update this post if and when we learn anything more. I’m sure conspiracy theories are taking shape.