This post has been updated. Now includes audio.

Prince George’s police think the victim of a home invasion Monday in Adelphi might have slipped up when he called 911.

“He took my weed,” the man reported. “And took my rent money.”

Oh really?


You can listen here:

“We don’t usually get those kind of reports,” said police spokeswoman Sgt. Sonya Rorls.

Police said the man, possibly a student at the University of Maryland, reported the theft of his marijuana during a robbery by three armed masked men who also stole cash, laptops, cell phones and a Honda CR-V from a home he shared with four others.

Detectives are investigating. One area of potential inquiry: Was the robbery victim dealing drugs?

I asked Rorls what the police policy is when someone reports their illegal possessions have been stolen. She said police can’t charge the man with possession of marijuana if he doesn’t have possession of the marijuana, which he didn’t because it was allegedly stolen. Confusing, I know.

Anyway, file this one under: Unbelievable, but true.