Maryland governor Martin O’Malley playing with his band. ( Bill O'Leary-Washington Pos))

This post has been updated and revised to reflect the governor’s longterm love of The Saw Doctors

Our governor, the musically inclined Martin O’Malley, apparently has The Saw Doctors on his mind again. He tweeted this Monday:

I’ve been listening to a lot of @SawDoctors lately. What are you listening to?

— Martin O’Malley (@GovernorOMalley) March 5, 2012

As Marylanders, we should know whose tunes our governor is jamming as he presumably shuttles between meetings about gay marriage and budget shortfalls. I listen to “Born to Run” before doing anything important. It fires me up. Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce!

So, who is firing up our governor these days?

The Saw Doctors, an irish rock band, bill themselves this way: “Born into a repressed, Catholic, conservative, small-town, agrarian, angst-ridden and showband infested society, we’re trying to preserve the positive elements of our background and marry them to the sounds which have culturally invaded our milieu through TV, radio, 45’s, fast food restaurants, 24 hour petrol stations and electric blankets!”

Um, okay.

Updated, 3:47 p.m.: Actually, my colleague Tom Jackman just reminded me that O’Malley played with them at his inauguration, which you can see here:

So what do they sound like these days?

The governor, in his tweet, linked to the band’s recent remake — with Petula Clark(!) -- of the legendary song “Downtown.” Neat, I guess. You can check it here:

I liked this one — “Takin’ the Train” — better:

I like this even more:

Maybe the governor neeeds a little more Bruce in his life.