Gaithersburg’s band. The city is ranked in the top 25 best places to live by Money Magazine. (Photo by James M Thresher)

People over the river in Virginia constantly snipe about Maryland in the comments section of this blog — about our overly ambitious governor, our high taxes, you name it.

They forget this: Maryland is a great place to live.

Money Magazine is out this week with its Best Places to Live list. Maryland has four localities in the Top 25. Virginia has two — Reston and Centreville.

The Free State’s cities in the Top 25 are:

* Columbia/Ellicott City, No. 8: “Families in this pair of unincorporated cities get to enjoy living in a community with a diverse population, reasonable housing costs, terrific schools, miles of hiking trails,” the magazine says.

* Waldorf, No. 20: “Despite its location in the ultra-pricey East Coast corridor just 40 minutes from Washington, D.C., and about an hour from Baltimore, the median price of a house in Waldorf is just $190,000.”

* Gaithersburg, No. 23: “Gaithersburg is widely considered one of the best places to start a business. Other perks include terrific schools and a diverse population (recently 19% African American, 14% Asian).”

* Germantown, No. 24: “Germantown’s just 32 miles from D.C., making it an ideal spot for families looking to escape Washington’s hectic pace and traffic. But the area’s got plenty of job action -- the unemployment rate is just 5%.”

And the accolades keep coming: A separate section of the rankings has Bethesda as the country’s top earning town, with a median family income of $184,606. The only bad news in the report is that Columbia/Ellicott City dropped from the No. 2 spot.

Oh, what’s the best place to live? Carmel, Ind.

Wherever that is.