Some producers of Maryland’s state drink. (Ty Wright/Bloomberg)

In light of my colleague John Wagner’s report on an effort to give Maryland another state bird — the raven, in addition to the Baltimore oriole, given the Ravens’ recent Super Bowl win — I thought it was time for a refresher course on some of our lesser-known state symbols.

(But before I get to that, I must say this: How many state birds does one state need? One seems like more than enough.)

Anyway, Maryland has lots of symbols, some more known than others:

Our state boat is the skipjack.

Our state folk dance is the square dance.

Our state exercise is walking.

Our state drink is milk.

Our state dinosaur is Astrodon johnston .

Our state sport is jousting.

Our state cat is the calico cat.

Dear readers: What do you think of these state symbols? Would you replace any?

And would you add categories? I’m thinking: state traffic jam, state tax, state governor who wants to be president, state pollution, state to hate (Virginia), state blackjack hand, state corking fee, and state blog (hint, hint).

Leave your thoughts below.