A bike hauling a trailer hauling a couch and a bike. (Photo by Mark Nielsen)

Anthony and Jess Reiss used bikes.

The College Park couple — he works at Proteus Bicycles, she’s an environmental attorney — sold their cars about a year ago. The idea: Cycle or use public transportation wherever they roam.

Jess and Anthony Reiss during their bike move. (Photo courtesy of Anthony Reiss)

At first, the idea of moving via bikes was a joke. That’s because moving their residence on bikes presented challenges, the most notable being that they would be moving their residence on bikes.

But the joke turned into an idea, and the idea turned into a plan. Bicyclists from the community offered to help. A church group offered to help. A bike messenger from the District offered to help — a big coup because he had a trailer that could haul 300 pounds.

All told, about 25 people and bikes showed up.

“It took two hours,” Anthony said. “I thought it would take two days.”

They used milk crates for books. The heavy stuff went on the trailer — like the bookshelves. Other stuff went in backpacks. Two Great Danes and the couple’s Jack Russell were unable to pedal, but they wore harnesses and pulled an occasional milk crate.

“It was awesome,” Anthony said. “It was a real assembly line.”

Below is a fun video documenting their move. Enjoy.