(Face value for the more than 300,000 speed camera tickets issued in Montgomery County last year: $13.2 million. (jahi chikwendiu/The Washington Post))

People around these parts love to talk about our roads, perhaps because we spend so much time sitting on them — not moving.

Because I know you’re getting back to work after the long holiday week, and because I know you might need water cooler conversation topics beyond how much it stinks to come back — “Wow, does it stink” “It was so hard to wake up” “I want to go home” — I am offering you some stats, with the help of AAA Mid-Atlantic, about Maryland’s recent ups and downs on the roads.

Here they are below. Please wield these stats in a knowledgeable manner, like this man.

* Traffic deaths are down 10 percent — to 493 in 2010 (that’s the latest year there are stats for).

* Average price of gas in Maryland in 2011: $3.50.

* Average price of gas nationally in 2011: $3.52.

* Total number of major new highways in 2011: 1, the long-awaited Intercounty Connector.

* Number of speed camera tickets mailed by Montgomery County in 2011: More than 300,000.

* Face value for those tickets: $13.2 million.

* Number of speed tickets issued in work zones, circa 2011: 399,603.

* Number of speed camera tickets issued to me, circa 2011: 3.

* Number of speed camera tickets issued to my wife (that I know about), circa 2011: 1.

Happy new year. Be safe.