Would you chase an armed mugger to get your Kindle back? ( Patrick Fallon/Bloomberg)

After two teenagers snuck up from behind an unidentified man and stole his Kindle while he was reading in Pioneer City, the man did not let them proceed quietly away with his digital library. He fought back.

One suspect pulled a gun and shot it into the ground, according to the Maryland Gazette, and another shot was fired before the man chased the suspects toward their getaway car.

Still, the man separated from his Kindle did not give up.

He tried to grab the e-reader as the teens got into the car, but he wasn’t successful. In fact, they ran him over, hitting his legs. He was treated for minor injuries at a local hospital, according to the report.

I certainly don’t want to judge anyone’s actions in the face of a crime, and there are lots of stories out there about victims fighting muggers and winning. However, police typically tell victims their life isn’t worth fighting over a gadget.

What would you have done?