Hunter Paulin of Indian Head, Md., won the NFL Play 60 contest. (Family photo)

Say hello to Hunter Paulin. He’s a fourth-grader at Indian Head Elementary in Charles County. He is a huge Redskins fan. And at the Super Bowl, he will

Hunter Paulin won the NFL Play 60 contest and got to meet his hero, Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III. (Handout photo)

run onto the field and hand the referee the game ball before kickoff.

Hunter won this honor by winning the NFL Play 60 Super Bowl Contest. I had not heard of NFL Play 60 until I read this KidsPost piece about Hunter. NFL Play 60’s goal: Get kids to be physically active 60 minutes a day and to eat better.

That hasn’t always been easy for Hunter. In the story, Fred Bowen writes:

Hunter had to write about how an NFL player inspires him to stay active and eat healthfully. No surprise, the 10-year-old chose the Redskins’ star rookie quarterback, Robert Griffin III. NFL Play 60 picked Hunter’s essay out of more than 5,500 entries.

Hunter is a real Play 60 kid. Even though he was born with heart defects that meant he had to have operations on his heart, Hunter stays active.

He can’t play contact sports such as tackle football and lacrosse, but when I asked him which sports and games he plays, Hunter had a long list. He plays tennis, golf, table tennis and touch football. He also plays capture the flag in an after-school sports program.

Hunter has a picture frame in his room with no picture. He told Bowen, “I’m saving that for a picture from the Super Bowl.”

Good job, Hunter. I’ll be watching you.