How far were male Washington College students willing to go the other day to raise awareness about sexual violence against women?

One mile.

In 4-inch red high heels.

They walked — rather uncomfortably — as part of the third annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes gathering, according to the Star Democrat, which noted that “the women who joined in generally wore more sensible flats.”

The walk’s goal was to raise money to support For All Seasons, Inc. an Eastern shore rape crisis center, during National Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

“It’s really something we don’t talk about in society,” Chris Cronin, a Washington College student, told the paper. “It’s a taboo issue, but it really needs to be talked about.”

Men walking in 4-inch heels understandably attracted the attention of passersby: “Onlookers were asking questions about the march as it was happening, and were interested in supporting the organization’s mission,” the paper said.

Mission accomplished.

To learn more about the problem of violence against women, here’s some information from the World Health Organization.

For information in getting help in Maryland, contact the Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

And to watch men walk a mile in 4-inch red heels, check out this video below of the event: