Poor Joanna Guy. Last month she was crowned Miss Maryland. She intends to use her “platform” to generate attention to fighting heart disease, which reportedly plagued her grandparents.

Her reign is getting off to a very rough start.

Wearing the crown is apparently a busy gig. (BigStockPhoto)

It’s a doozy.

One excerpt: “I hope that you can take a few minutes to understand exactly how serious this title is.”

Another excerpt: “The best way I can explain this is to liken the responsibility of being Miss Maryland to managing a business — except I have no scheduler, no assistants, and no accountant.”

More: “Additionally, it was a huge personal sacrifice for me, as I was so looking forward to spending this year performing in my chorus and a cappella group, and spending time with my best friends, many of whom were abroad at sea and in Europe last semester.”

The gossip blog Jezebel put this headline on its story: “Miss Maryland’s Resignation From Sorority Was Literally the Hardest Decision She’s Ever Made, You Guys.”

Meanwhile, others have come to Guy’s defense on the IvyGateBlog, saying, “she’s just explaining her resignation which is partly for HELPING SICK KIDS and FUNDRAISING. How can you make fun of that? Do you have a soul!?!?”

Another commenter linked the situation to Sarah Palin: “This is exactly the kind of stuff that happened to Sarah Palin. A bright woman plucked from obscurity to run for the second most powerful office in the world ran into nothing but derision and bile purely because of her looks, intelligence, beautiful family and not to mention her love of America.”


Anyway, a spokeswoman for Cornell University told ABC News that the “letter was never meant to be public.”

I think I understand why.