Children playing at Nationals park. (The Washington Post)

●The death rate for Maryland teens and children dropped 17 percent between 2005 and 2009.

●Children living in high poverty areas during a similar period — down 25 percent.

●There’s been a 16 percent drop in fourth-graders not proficient in reading.

●The number of eighth-graders not proficient in math has dropped 14 percent.

These numbers come from a massive nationwide study by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. The research released this week examined the educational, economic, physical and family health of the country’s children.

Maryland ranked 10th overall for child well-being. Virginia was 12th. The District didn’t rate — not a state, the foundation said. (Ouch.)

You can see Maryland’s results in 16 key categories here.

The results are troubling in some other categories:

●Children whose parents lack secure employment: up 24 percent.

●Children living in poverty: up 18 percent.

●Single-parent families are up 13 percent.

●Low birth-weight babies have stayed flat between 2005 and 2009, at 9.1 percent.

Maryland’s highest sub-ranking among states was 6th, for education. It’s lowest sub-ranking: 14th, for economic well-being.

Fascinating stuff.