An Alger Oil tanker similar to one stolen in Worton. (KENT COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE)

Early Tuesday morning in Worton, on the Eastern shore, someone stole an Alger Oil gas tanker. This might sound like the beginning of a new “Die Hard” movie, but this was the real deal.

The 10-wheel tanker had 3,300 gallons of gas in its belly. Gas is very flammable, as is well known. One wrong turn and … boom.

“It was pretty stressful knowing there were 3,300 gallons of gas in the wrong hands,” said Kent County sheriff’s Sgt. Glenn Owens.

Authorities put out bulletins to law enforcement agencies with information on the tanker. There were two working investigative theories. The first was that it was a simple theft by someone who thought they could sell the gas or the truck (or both). The other theory — terrorism — was obviously more serious. The FBI was notified and assisted.

Yesterday, the tanker turned up in Southwest Philadelphia, parked on the street.

“A very vigilant officer noticed this tanker parked in an area that was out of place for a tanker,” Owens said. He said he is very relieved.

There are no suspects, but authorities said it doesn’t look like terrorism. All of the gas is accounted for. Meanwhile, there are plans to film “Die Hard 5.”