Shane Messick, a 22-year-old model and aspiring actor in Baltimore County, is gay. He had a very emotional day on Tuesday.

In the morning, as voters in Maryland headed to the polls to vote on whether gay marriage should be legal, Messick posted a video to his YouTube channel of nearly 1,000 subscribers showing the notes his mother had left for him around the house.

One note said: “My son is gay and he’s a great + loving, kind, hard working man, so give him his right to love and be loved.”

“I could cry,” Messick said in the video. “I’m so lucky for the mother I have.”

Watch here:

After posting that video, Messick posted another, in which his mom, a frequent subject of his videos, speaks about why she supports her son and his wishes to marry:

And then, Tuesday night, after the referendum passed, Messick posted this excited and tearful video, in which he says, “finally, love can be love”:

I just got off the phone with Messick. He told me about his dad being gay. He told me about how his mom helped convince his grandmother and brother to support him.

“I hope these videos go viral because I want everyone to see the mother I have,” Messick told me. “I feel she can inspire other parents.”