Here is a scary report from WJLA:

A pack of wild dogs is on the loose in the St. Inigoes community in St. Mary’s County and has already killed two beloved pets.

The latest victim was Gizmo the dog and there is real fear for humans as well.

As many as five wild dogs are roaming a wooded area. While authorities try to track them down, they are telling residents to keep close watch over their pets and be on guard for their own safety as well.

While animal control officers set traps, Brian Corbin keeps close watch over Sugar. Saturday morning he let his other dog, Gizmo, out. He never came home.

“I started looking for him and found him dead,” Corbin says. “They tore his throat up pretty bad.”

I just got Tony Malaspina, the county’s Animal Control supervisor, on the phone. I asked him what generally causes dogs to go bad like this.

“People turn their dogs loose and they need to eat and eventually their natural instincts kick in,” he said.

Wild dog stories pop up pretty frequently. Down in Texas, a pack is killing neighborhood cats. My friend Rebecca Skloot, a writer now living in Chicago, chronicled what happened when a pack of wild dogs attacked her beloved dog Bonny on the streets of New York City. You can read that story here.

Wild dogs are quite dangerous to humans, too. A few years ago, an elderly Georgia couple was fatally attacked.

Malaspina said St. Mary’s officers have set up three large traps with bait, but because the dogs are adults, they are often more wary of the traps. He suspects that the dogs are “laying up” during the day in the woods.

Let’s hope officers find them before they do more killing.