This is a tale about a mistaken hot dog.

In mid-November, a 92-year-old Annapolis man was robbed and beaten. Sad, awful story.

And then things got really weird.

More than one hot dog. (Marvin Joseph/WASHINGTON POST)

Police were tipped that a fellow nicknamed Hot Dog was responsible and had been bragging about it. Renardo “Hot Dog” Green is a well-known Hot Dog in the Annapolis area. The victim picked him out of a lineup earlier this month. Hot Dog was arrested.

Problem: Hot Dog insisted he was not the right Hot Dog.

According to a report this week in The Capital, Hot Dog begged police for a lie detector test. They declined. Hot Dog pleaded with them: He was with his daughter at the time of the attack. Wrong Hot Dog!

Then Hot Dog caught a break. Local defense attorney Gill Cochran agreed to meet with him in jail.

“He asked me a couple questions,” Green told the paper.. “I looked him dead in his eyes, he looked me dead in the eyes and he said, ‘I gotta get you out of here.’”

Cochran called the police and asked for the polygraph. This time they said yes. Hot Dog passed. Police continued to investigate, and they determined that Hot Dog was not hot dogging them. The charges were dropped earlier this week.

“My family is very blessed now,” Green said. “They’re very happy this is all behind us now.”

But for police — and the victim — the crime remains unsolved.

“What is good news for Green,” The Capital wrote, “is bad news for police, who are now seeking a different Hot Dog.”