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Jayna Murray fought.

Stabbed, bludgeoned, beaten and tormented — with a rope around her neck—she fought. She fought for her life. To see her parents again. Her siblings. To finish her MBA. To live the life of a beautiful young woman. To grow old.

She begged, too.

“Oh, god, please help me,” she shouted, according to Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy, who in his opening statement this morning detailed the savage beating Jayna Murray endured inside the Lululemon yoga store— a beating Brittany Norwood’s own lawyers acknowledge she inflicted.

Who heard Murray pleading for her life?

Apple employees next door. The Apple store shared a common wall with Lululemon. The employees were closing the store after a busy day selling the new iPad 2. They heard the commotion. They went to the wall to listen closer — as they are expected to testify in the trial. (Apple had no comment today.)

“They don’t follow up on what they heard,” McCarthy said. “Jayna is found the next day.”

She is found face down, her pants cut up to make it appear she suffered a sexual assault. She sustained more than 300 wounds —almost too many to count, McCarthy said. More than 100 were defensive, her hands sliced up as she held them up, fighting. Fighting. Out of respect for her parents and their loss, I will not describe the damage to their daughter’s skull. It is nearly impossible to even contemplate.

“This was not painless,” McCarthy told the jury. “This young woman struggled to survive.”

The courtroom was silent.

“Think about how long this took,” McCarthy said. “Think about that.”

Think about it.