(Animal Resource Foundation )


I have good news about Mango. He has been returned.

Late last night, the executive director of the Animal Resource Foundation contacted me to say that Mango had been returned by a man who said he found the 7-week-old puppy in a box in his yard.

Having seen flyers with Mango’s picture, the man called the director, Susan Beall, and made arrangements to drop the dog off.

“I do not believe he was the one that actually took the dog,” Beall said in an e-mail.

The man did not give his name or phone number. He did not want the $1,000 reward.

Beall said Mango, who was still nursing when he was stolen, has been reunited with his mother and siblings.

And so the story of the stolen puppy has a happy ending. Sometimes people do the right thing after all.


See that cute puppy above this sentence? That’s Mango. He’s adorable, right? Seven weeks old. A miniature dachshund, pinscher mix. He’s still nursing on his mother.

Mango was stolen.

A young couple who strolled into the Animal Resource Foundation adoption center in Chester took him Tuesday in a performance worthy of an Oscar.

They played with several dogs, appearing gentle and kind. Typical dog lovers. Typical animal rescue visitors. “They were very friendly, very charming,” Patty Bowers, the center’s manager, told me.

She had to go off and get some food ready in the kitchen. She saw the couple playing with Mango and his siblings. She told them not to get too attached --- Mango had already been adopted.

The couple laughed.

Suddenly, the woman went outside to get the car, leaving the man inside playing with Mango.

“I guess she’s ready to go,” Bowers said to the man.

He laughed, then left, apparently with the puppy hidden on him.

When Bowers went to check on the puppies, Mango was gone.

This is a first for Bowers -- a stolen puppy.

“Absolutely not,” she said. “We’ve never had a problem with anyone visiting.”

State and local police are investigating. The center staff has hung flyers around town. Bowers is worried that Mango misses his mom and her milk. There’s nearly $1,000 in reward money, and Bowers doesn’t want to press charges. She just wants Mango back.

“We’ll do anything we can to get this baby back,” she said.

I’m a dog lover. Stories like this make me angry. So, people of Rosenwald, Md.: let’s find Mango.

Have you seen him? You can reach the foundation at 410-643-8700.