My lunch yesterday on the dining room table. Burger King delivered a Whopper with all the fixings, and even hot fries.

(The only update I would provide to my otherwise positive review is this: I felt very bloated last night.)

For some, the Burger King news essentially signaled the end of America as a global power. Look at this:

Well, we had a good run, America...…

— I’m only Hugh, man (@Hugh2D2) January 17, 2012

Others took the approach you would expect — fast food delivery plus Americans equals more fat Americans:

#burgerking is experimenting with delivery? america is so fat.…

— Tracy Lin (@_tracylin) January 18, 2012

Others took the opportunity to take a swipe at the coverage and offer a backhanded compliment to your blogger:

Much better article about it. Still grotesque.…

— Evie(@evie_cohen) January 18, 2012

But my favorite reaction came from a man named James Thiele. Staying at Rockville hotel while in town from Atlanta on business, James came across my taste test and decided to order himself a Burger King dinner. He offered this review in a late-night e-mail:

I went down to the front desk, although I could have given my room number (just wasn’t sure if this was a good idea ...) Anyway, he had the food in the black bags and took it out when I got there. The drinks were in a cooler. It was amazing ... I ordered chicken tenders and fries and both were hot (I mean HOT!). I was expecting a soggy mess but I was surprised when I tried both and felt as if I was eating them “fresh’”in the restaurant.

For the sake of delivery, it was so much better than I hoped for. From a convenience factor, it was perfect and I’m very thankful for the service. I’ve been to places like NYC where fast food delivery is common ... just didn’t expect it here. When I read your blog and comments, I knew I had to try it and I’m very glad for it. While I agree, not everyone will like the easy access to Burger King, I’ve actually found that I can do better by knowing the calories and the nutrition from a known source and manage the intake versus ordering from a restaurant where I’m not aware. Or ... ordering a whole pizza and eating too much. In any case, it’s nice to have options — especially when I live on the road so much and don’t like to hang out in restaurants at a “table for one.”

Glad you enjoyed your dinner, James. Safe travels home.

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