Let us pause and recall winter. A colder time. A time far removed from heat indexes.

It was during that period called winter when an unusual crime was committed in our environs. Actually, it wasn’t the crime that was so unusual (burglary) but rather the burglar -- and what he left behind.

A cell phone. Charging.

Cody Wilkins juiced his phone while conducting his criminal business in a Silver Spring home because his own house, like thousands of others, had been rendered powerless in a storm. Wilkins jumped out a window when the resident came home, his cell phone still charging.

Cody Wilkins left his cell phone at the scene of a burglary. (Montgomery County Police)

My colleague and officemate Dan Morse followed this caper closely, and the news, given the circumstances, spread internationally. Yesterday, Wilkins was sentenced to a whopping 26 years in prison after pleading guilty to seven burglaries.

Dan’s story on Wilkins was the first piece I read in today’s paper, perhaps because it made me think of a colder time. Also, I still wonder: What exactly did Wilkins say to himself when he realized his phone was still charging?