(Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis: Should Maryland Redskins fans root for this man? Patrick McDermott/GETTY IMAGES)

It’s the Ravens vs. the Patriots. A Ravens win gets them to the Super Bowl.

My colleague Robert McCartney, a Redskins season ticket holder, would rather stick toothpicks in his eyeballs than see the Ravens in the biggest football game on earth.

In his column today, McCartney brings up the tricky matter of whether local Redskins fans — let’s face it, many live in Maryland — should think about rooting for the team up north, given matters of geography. McCartney is rather firm on the issue.

“I cannot bring myself to endorse rooting for the Ravens,” he wrote. “It would betray my kin.”

He wants Marylanders to consider this: “Washington has won three Super Bowls. Baltimore has won only two, one with the Ravens and one with the old Baltimore Colts (now in Indianapolis). We Redskins fans have to root against the Ravens to protect our historical advantage.”

McCartney adds this, in a severe swipe at Baltimore, which I take personally given that it’s my wife’s birthplace: “Ravens fans wouldn’t root for us if the roles were reversed. For one thing, Baltimore has a chip on its shoulder about Washington. Maybe it’s because we’re the Capital of the Free World, and they have a nice aquarium.”

His conclusion: “So I’ve got one word for any Redskins fan who dares root for the Ravens this Sunday: traitor.”

Let’s put this to a vote: